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OS Royale is an innovative economy server that is soley based off what the players want. We allow the community to participate in how we update the server, we want to make OS Royale feel like a home for where you truly belong. Gameplay on OS Royale keeps you wanting to come back for more, whether its from completing achievements, skilling, bossing, or player killing. We stay up to date in all content and make sure YOU the players are always happy & excited for more!

Recent News

Daniel 16/02/2018

OS Royale introduces PvP



OS Royale is proud to announce a shift towards PvP, when we originally planned out this server it was meant to be a PvP based economy server. It seems that it became more of a PvM/Skilling server. So the staff team as a collective has come up with great ideas which the development team will implement.


Our goal was to allow players to start Pk'ing instantly. The following is a list of some of the issued changes and new content that will be introduced. Most of these changes will only apply to normal players. Iron-man accounts are for those that are not interested in pking.


  • Re-introduction of Blood money (more shops and more ways of gathering BM)
  • Wilderness bosses will drop BM
  • A new home PvP instance that can be accessed by ::pvp
  • Many system changes will be made to the combat system to make it more smooth and fluid
  • Players will be able to set their combat stats without training
  • Players will be able to purchase many basic items for free
  • A bank with various welfare items will be given to new players
  • A lot more!


This change that will be fully finished on Friday February 23 2018. There will not be any reset.

Below are pictures of current progress. Thank you very much for your patience. 










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